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Complaint Procedure

GOTS provides a complaint procedure to ensure a formalised, timely and effective means of handling and resolving any complaints raised with regard to:
  • unauthorised, false or misleading use of the GOTS logo or other claims related to GOTS
  • certification failures or omissions in the course of the GOTS certification procedure
  • any other abuses of the GOTS quality assurance or the licensing and labelling system
  • violations against the ownership and other rights of/in the Global Organic Textile Standard
Complaints based on any of the criteria listed can be made by any company, organisation or individual. In order to formalise and ease the handling of complaints, a specific complaint form has been developed, which complainants are requested to make use of.

GOTS requires all complainants to identify themselves and their affiliations while submitting complaints. Unidentified complaints shall not be entertained. Complainants however have a choice to remain anonymous while complaints are being investigated and GOTS shall always honour such a request, if made.

Fill out the complaint form

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