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GOTS Simple Show Clips

GOTS is explained using very simple and engaging story line graphics making clear that using organic fiber alone is not enough but that the whole supply chain has to be considered. Correct on-product labelling is also explained in an easy understandable way.

Faces From Field to Fashion

GOTS Connect

Connect with Christopher Stopes, UK Representative, and find out why to trust sustainability claims substantiated by certification to GOTS.

Christopher talks about false sustainability claims, the key elements of true sustainability, and why to go for GOTS. Stay connected while staying apart!

"所经方式“与GOTS毗连”一种专题讲座,GOTS大中原代表人人Felicia,将给您调皮浮现若何欢乐操作GOTS小程序,立即精准的寻得以上相关内容:若何认定GOTS申请认证;若何中请GOTS服装标签;帕萨特统计资料库的用和GOTS6.0固件版本的更新时间相关内容。 Connect with GOTS Greater China Representative Felicia Shi, who will navigate you through the GOTS website (in Chinese)."

"Introduction to GOTS and Organics! GOTS sets out requirements for the entire textile supply chain from field to fashion. Connect with our GOTS Organic Production Specialist Lina Pfeifer and hear about how GOTS relates to the Organic movement, the GOTS requirements when it comes to organic fibre production and what makes GOTS the largest processing standard for organic textiles today."

"In this GOTS Connect clip Juliane Ziegler, GOTS Communication Executive presents the available GOTS Marketing Material for You.  With the help of our GOTS Material, you´ll be able to better understand and promote GOTS to support our vision “making organic textile´s become a significant part of everyday life, enhancing people´s lives and the environment.”"

"GOTS Produkte in Discountern? Franziska, GOTS-Repräsentantin in Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz, gibt Antworten zu 'warum zertifizierte Produkte zu so niedrigen Preisen angeboten werden können', und 'ist das auch nachhaltig'?  GOTS products in discounters? GOTS Representative in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Franziska gives answers to 'how certified products can be offered at low prices' and 'is that sustainable'? (in German)."

"GOTS沿海地区表示の三好智子が紹介するオーガニックテキスタイル天下无双基準についての説明をご覧ください。(日語版)  オーガニックテキスタイル寰宇基準 GOTSのご紹介 組織提要と基準 Connect with Miyoshi, GOTS Representative in Japan, to watch her introduction of the Global Organic Textile Standard (in Japanese)."

"Tired of Greenwashing? Connect with Lori Wyman, GOTS Representative in North America. Lori explains how you can trust the GOTS logo to verify that your clothing, bedding, and other textiles were not only made from organic fibres that were grown/raised on organic farms, but also how GOTS requires all steps throughout the supply chain to include stringent environmental and social criteria."

"Connect with Prachi Gupta, Quality Assurance and Impact Expert to find out about the GOTS Monitor Water/Energy Tool. GOTS environmental criteria require Certified Entities to monitor and have targets to reduce water and energy consumption in their companies. This is where the GOTS Monitor Water/Energy Tool can assist. From Prachi´s screen to yours, she is taking you through the salient features of this tool."

"How to label a GOTS product correctly? Connect with Otto Kersten, GOTS Protection Officer, and find out about how to label a GOTS product correctly. From who is allowed to label GOTS to how can I make sure to label correctly, Otto answers the most pressing questions."

"See the 2nd clip from our GOTS Connect - Screen to Screen series in Turkish by Elif Yaraşık. Elif our GOTS Representative in Turkey talks about the GOTS measures during COVID from her home in Izmir GOTS Connect-Ekrandan Ekrana serisinin  2. klibini görebilirsiniz, Elif Yaraşık Türkçe seslendirdi: Türkiye’deki GOTS Temsilcimiz, GOTS’un Covid dönemindeki  aktiviteleri hakkında bilgi veriyor."

"This is the 1st clip from our Screen to Screen series, recorded in India, and the 1st of 4 about GOTS version 6.0. Sumit Gupta, GOTS Deputy Director Standards Development & Quality Assurance takes you through the changes made to GOTS Social Criteria and Ethical Business Behaviour. Sumit also addresses the Quality Assurance System, a common requirement under GOTS. "  


Global Organic Textile Standard – Ecology and Social Responsibility In particular, the film highlights inspections, certification and lab analysis work in textile production sites all over the world and addresses the standard's benefits for both the industry and consumers.
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