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All Processing Stages

game đánh bài baccaratLiên kết đăng nhập

The standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of all textiles made from at least 70% certified organic fibres.

The GOTS certification system starts with the first processing step in the textile supply chain. The processing of textiles is based on the conversion of fibre into yarn and yarn into fabric. For example, for cotton, ginning is the first processing stage, at which seeds are removed from cotton bolls. Organic fibre cultivation, the initial production, is covered by any international or national organic farming standard that is approved in the .

All steps in the processing, manufacturing and trading of organic textiles are covered by GOTS. All must be certified to strict ecological and social criteria in order for the product to carry the GOTS label. In this way, the GOTS puts an end to .

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game đánh bài baccaratLiên kết đăng nhập
game đánh bài baccaratLiên kết đăng nhập
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